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RAD-CON, Inc. is a leading supplier of bell-type batch annealing furnace (BAF) equipment that uses a protective atmosphere of 100% hydrogen. The annealing process softens metal which is a key operation within cold-rolling and finishing mills that produce coils of strip and wire. The 100% hydrogen protects the metal and makes the process more efficient.

In addition to the equipment, RAD-CON provides design,installation, and operational support of complete annealing facilities. The equipment is manufactured primarily at an affiliated company in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Some equipment is also manufactured in qualified partner shops located near its headquarters or for bulky items near the markets served. Equipment designs are complemented by the decades of experience in annealing various alloys to specific finish requirements, for both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Machine specifications
SCWD100600101M01 直線式一段連續伸線機SCWD-600


a. Model: SCWD-600(60HP)
b. 使用馬力: 每台 60HP AC馬達加變頻器.
c. 線胴直徑: 600mm

NSC010600S101G01 精抽收線機(球化線材精抽專用) NSC-600S


a. Model: NSC-600S (正逆方向使用)
b. 使用能力: 4.0mm ~ 2.1mm
c. 線胴直徑: 600mm
d. 伸線速度: 0 ~ 200M/min (60HZ)

IVD0100800101N01 倒立型下取式伸線機 IVD-800【正逆方向】


a. Model: IVD-800(100HP)
b. 供給線徑: Under 12mm
c. 線胴直徑: 800mm
d. 成品線架每個可放 0 ~ 2250kg.
e. 伸線速度: 0 ~65 M/min (60HZ)
f. 抗張拉力: 100 kg/m㎡

IVD0100800101N01 倒立型下取式伸線機 IVD-800【正逆方向】


a. Model:IVD-1000(100HP)
b. 供給線徑:20mm 以下.
c. 線胴直徑:1000mm
d. 伸線速度: 25 M/min(60HZ) 抗張拉力: 100 kg/mm2 以下 減面率: 19 %

DCD0106046191M01 二段式連續伸線機 DCD-600/460H


a. Model: DCD-600/460(60HP /50HP)
b. 線胴直徑: 上胴: 600mm 下胴: 460mm

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